We Assume Your Network Is Already Compromised.

Forget the Barbarians at the gate—it’s the ones inside it you should worry about!

Every security vulnerability assessment we performed in the last two years showed evidence of malicious activity on the inside of the client's network. 

eSentire has reinvented enterprise network security by focusing on protecting your core assets inside the network through our human driven, behavior-based solution. We turn the traditional layered security approach on its ear as we assume your network is already compromised and focus from the inside out by detecting behaviors indicative of advanced threats from criminals, nation states or hactivists and even your own staff whether malicious or borne of ignorance. No matter where you are we have your back 24x7x365.

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Rather than conducting a simple and often misleading one-time penetration test, eSentire performs its comprehensive, Multi-Dimensional Vulnerability Assessment (MDVA). An eSentire MDVA provides a comprehensive evaluation to expose existing network vulnerabilities to external threats, internal data leakage risks, and analyze actual network traffic activity versus compliance standards and acceptable use policies. Leveraging our in-network DPI probe and full SOC monitoring services offered with the Managed Security Services, the MDVA often identifies active exploits within your network.

Benefits of an eSentire Multi-Dimensional VA

Operational Uptime

  • Identify malware, DDOS, APT and targeted attacks
  • Compare actual usage of network resources to your Acceptable Use Policy compliance

Protection of Corporate Assets

  • Identify data leakage to cloud-based storage and personal email services
  • Log and audit transit of sensitive information

Regulatory Compliance

  • Sarbox, GLBA, HIPAA, PHIPA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, Dodd-Frank